Tactical Replacement Watch Band

Completely adjustable for a perfect fit!


The items offered by SURVCO are designed with survival in mind.
We offer many patent-pending, cutting edge innovations to the tactical, survival and prepper world

You are purchasing a black on black, 550 para cord replacement watch band that:

• is handcrafted
• is made in the USA
• one size fits most
• easily adjusts from 7″ wrist to 9.5″ wrist
• features approximately 120″ of usable, 7-strand military grade 550 cord
• maintains functionality while 550 cord is used
• all other 550 cord watch bands cease to work as a watch band if you have to use the 550 cord

If you find yourself in a situation that requires you to use the available cordage for tactical or life-saving purposes, merely remove the 550 para cord from the watch band and your watch stays on your wrist.